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Musings and Mullings

Musings and Mullings where is the power began as a musing over power in the world, past and present, and within the individual. I came across the following sketchbook notes and thought that, as the exhibition is drawing to a close on Saturday, this would be a good time to go public with my early […]

The workplace/work and place of Alejandro Cesarco

I found a great image online but I can no longer locate my source. It is presumably a picture of the artist, Alejandro Cesarco’s desk/work area. Whatever the subject, it is extremely clean and ordered with one of Cesarco’s framed WHEN I AM HAPPY I WON’T HAVE TO MAKE THESE ANYMORE text pieces hanging on […]

john wilcox, “TENDER”

In a beautiful and intelligent essay for the exhibition, John Wilcox: New York City, 1988-89, Dr. Frances Colpitt writes, “As if to counteract the incessant, grueling crush of death, this body of work is characterized by a Zen-like emptiness that is full, bursting with the resonance of a single word floating on a generous white […]

richard wentworth, “walking sticks”

“The once mute … appears intimate and troubling … Reconfigured as art, these components own a gravitational field which draws you into their world, whatever that stilled yet heady place, in which appearances, values and sensations are the same but rearranged…”  —Michael Bracewell, ‘So Much Depends’: An Introduction to the Art of Richard Wentworth for […]

valeska soares, “love stories II”

Valeska Soares’ Love Stories II, as seen in where is the power, is an elegant presentation of 250 books, harmonious in size and palette, sitting on two long, white shelves. With this visually direct but complex and ambitious piece, Soares plays on the power of desire as she takes on the topic of love. Presenting a variety of books, spanning […]

fred sandback, “two preparatory drawings”

“For me, what makes Sandback’s work so moving is not that he did so much with so little, but that he did so little. The extreme reticence of Sandback’s work is not something I experience as an act of withholding but rather as an act of extraordinary generosity. By removing himself to the extent that […]

chris powell, “twin”

Perception of an object costs Precise the Object’s loss— Perception in itself a Gain Replying to its price— The Object Absolute—is nought— Perception sets it fair And then upbraids a Perfectness That situates so far—  Emily Dickinson  where is the power appreciates the significance and inevitability of absurdity in art as in life. Such can be […]

Discussion with TCU faculty guests on power in our society

Please join us at FWCA on Monday, Sept 24 from 7 – 8 pm for an open, salon-style discussion with TCU faculty guests about the concept and uses of power in our society. This is complimentary programming for our current exhibition where is the power, curated by the Modern’s Terri Thornton. Our TCU faculty guests […]

kris pierce, “the red telephone”

The “red telephone” is the famous hotline that linked the White House via the National Military Command Center with the Kremlin during the Cold War. As a description it might also bring to mind the historical and beloved British phone box. And finally, The Red Telephone is the title of the “summer of love,” 1967 pop song by […]

cornelia parker, “bullet drawing”

Cornelia Parker’s early installations brought her a great deal of attention and for good reason. They are ambitious in every way. Imposing in scale and visually stunning, the punch they pack is delivered upon the realization of what is being viewed and how it came to be. Politically and culturally astute, Parker’s work always offers layers […]