Discussion with TCU faculty guests on power in our society

Please join us at FWCA on Monday, Sept 24 from 7 – 8 pm for an open, salon-style discussion with TCU faculty guests about the concept and uses of power in our society. This is complimentary programming for our current exhibition where is the power, curated by the Modern’s Terri Thornton.

Our TCU faculty guests for the evening are:

J. Sage Elwell, Assistant Professor of Religion, specializing in Religion in Visual Culture

Jeff Ferrell, Professor of Sociology

Dr. Blake Hestir, Associate Professor and Department Chair of Philosophy

Paul King, Professor and Department Chair of Communication Studies

Here’s the kicker: Given the range of guests we’ve invited, we will not necessarily be discussing art, and we don’t expect to. All forms of communication, plus religion, philosophy and social anthropology each contribute to our understanding and handling of power.

Thus, as Thornton writes:

“The discussion that we are hoping transpires is not intended to necessarily address the exhibition. It is in fact an effort to expand on what the exhibition proposes. TCU has a talented faculty and we are looking to tap into that talent by bringing several of [them] from various disciplines together to have a discussion about, or in relation to, the phrase ‘where is the power.'”

Terri Thornton and Christina Rees will guide the discussion.

We hope to see you there.