kris pierce, “the red telephone”

A patterned geographical segregation within cities has compounded over the past fifty years, quashing the meaning of what defines a community as a group of interacting people. The project is activated by the interaction of everyday people prompted by a seemingly utilitarian, and somewhat archaic object: the payphone. The project’s components include three payphones each placed in high traffic neighborhoods that remain specifically segregated from each other. Each phone has been modified internally with a wireless transmitter, and the receiver acts as an input device. The intimate nature of a phone and accompanying signage above the receiver will invite public confessional, and will be carried by wireless transmission to an online based component where the signals are combined into a single streaming channel and catalogued for review on the site. Over time the web-based station will begin to reveal a dialogue where similarities, differences, opinions and retort find a place where the three wavelengths meet. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide a forum where anonymous conversation is organized into a singular community’s voice.

The red telephon in an ongoing, interactive project by artist Kris Pierce. Please click on the icon in the upper right hand corner to access the red telephone.

Red Telephone Locations

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  1. Kris: great project; nice to hear about it directly from you at the Urban Artists dinner. Went to the archives.

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