alejandro cesarco, “zeide issac”

Zeide Issac is a six-minute, 16mm film transferred to DVD of the artist’s grandfather, a Holocaust survivor who is performing a script Cesarco created based on his grandfather’s personal story as well as the nature of remembering and bearing witness. In a description of the piece on his website, Cesarco states the “work explicitly addresses the possibilities, limitations and responsibilities of testimony. The layering of narrative voices and the passage of time between the event an it’s retelling, from first hand experience to third generation, is allegorically implied in my grandfather’s passage from witness to actor.”

Zeide Issac was the second work selected for where is the power. Upon securing this touching and profound piece for the showit was gratifying to realize that in addition to addressing testimony, Cesarco’s film of his grandfather relates to other works in the exhibition such as Liam Gillick’s text piece that incorporates the quote “It is a poor memory that only runs backwards” from Alice: Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.  In Zeide Issac, Cesarco seems to concur with the White Queen’s assertion that memory runs both ways as he layers image, sound and source to conflate fact and fiction, perception and experience, author and reader, making a case for complexity in thought and recall.

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